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Michael Oliveira has been engaged as District 3 Supervisor

Public Safety
The Sheriff’s department was seriously underfunded when I came into office. Each year I have voted to increase the budget for law enforcement. I have always said the safety of the Public is my main priority. I have and will continue to support Public Safety.

General Plan Update
In my first year of office I supported moving the General Plan forward. The draft was completed and has been out for Environmental Review. It is now ready to be released for public review.
Completing the General Plan is critical to moving our County forward for industries and business.

Infrastructure and recovery from the Butte fire and flooding
We are still in recovery from the damage of the Butte fire and storms of 2017. Although we are making progress in these areas the repairs have been slow due to financial restraints, FEMA, OES, Fish and Game, water resource board requirements. This is a priority and continues to be. District 3 sustained a lot of damage during the storms as well as other parts of the county. We had washed out bridges, culverts and roads. I have stayed engaged in helping to get the repairs completed. I have met and worked with the constituents and will continue to do so.

Tree Mortality
When tree mortality began taking its toll in our District. We were not receiving any assistance. I held a town hall meeting at Avery Middle School and had every Federal, State, Local, Public, and Private agency there attend that I could get there.
The large attendance for this meeting helped send a message. That was the beginning of us getting attention and help with tree removal. I am still engaged in this effort and attend the State meeting in Sacramento every month for Tree Mortality. I bring back to our county any all information that will continue to assist our county.

Trades Program for the youth
I have participated and worked with Bret Harte and Calaveras School Districts to help put a program together that will provide a tradesperson training and certification program starting with students in their sophomore year and young adults. This program is going to be a benefit to our youth that do not plan to attend college. Eventually, there will be a business trades training program located in Calaveras County.

Business in Dorrington, Arnold, Avery and Murphy’s
I am pro-business and will continue to be. My opponents in this election have stated Arnold looks worse than ever. I find that to be a slap in the face of many business owners and entrepreneurs. There have been many buildings that have been renovated and businesses operating since my election. Starting in Dorrington the Lube Room is back up and running successfully. In Arnold the old Cameo building, one of the dilapidated buildings has been refurbished, Big Trees Fitness Center is open for business. We have Coops Coffee house open and the Avery Saloon in Avery. Murphy’s has also been expanding with new businesses. I am very proud of all the business owners that have chosen to operate in our District and I have helped many of them that needed my assistance. I will continue to be thankful and grateful for all the businesses in District 3.

Staffing at the County
I have been engaged and promoted hiring more staff for all departments and will continue to support the departments at the county. I have supported a compensation package for the employees that was long overdue.

On the Issue of Cannabis
In 2016, I was the only “NO” vote for the Urgency Ordinance.
I did not believe it belonged in Residential Neighborhoods then or now.
As this progressed and carried on for over two years, it became apparent that the issue was not going away, and a ban was not going to stop all the illegal growing in our county. I asked the board of Supervisors 4 times, over the two years to bring this item to the voters. I could not get a second for a motion. I felt it was the decision of the voters of Calaveras to decide. The importance of having the issue decided by the people was to make the vote Permanente. With each election we will be faced with the possibility of revisiting the issue of regulating cannabis every two years as the Supervisor’s position change. The vote of the people can only be undone by the people.

I am dedicated and engaged, I am a working Supervisor

I serve on more committees than any other Supervisor representing Calaveras County, Nationally, Statewide, and locally. I am on 14 committees. I am engaged in getting the education to help assist our county with any programs that will benefit the County.

I have been honored and proud to represent District 3. I ask for your vote on June 5th. I will continue to work hard for District 3 and Calaveras County.

Committee to Elect Michael Oliveira FPPC#1400869
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