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Tree Mortality Issue

Calaveras County was one of those counties affected by this bark beetle invasion and the inherent circumstances, which led to the dying of these species of trees. This became such a problem after hundreds of thousands of trees suddenly died in the California area, specifically in the rural mountain communities, that a governor’s task force regarding tree mortality was formed. In 2016 Calaveras County was named as one of 10 high risk counties infected by this bark beetle problem.
The rapid dying of these trees presented a real risk of fire danger, and an immediate action to prevent these fires was required. The Governor’s task force dealing with tree mortality was formed with all concerned agencies of the federal, state and local governments to design and execute plans to reduce the fire danger and rejuvenate our forests.
Under the leadership and guidance of Cal Fire, plans and financing were developed to reduce the fire danger and protect the remaining unaffected trees. These involved removing trees from our national forests, our state rightaways, highways and our local county roads, but these arrangements could not address our private owned properties experiencing this problem.

After 2 years, grants became available to address this problem on privately owned lands under several financing organizations such as California Disaster Assistance Agency and other such entities. This is a continuing effort to seek relief from our private land owners who have suffered the exorbitant cost of tree removal for fire prevention.

This is a continuing effort due to the fact that weather conditions and moisture situations in our rural mountain areas could reintroduce conditions susceptible to the bark beetle invasion once again. I continue to sit on the Governor’s Task Force and the Local Tree Mortality Task Force Committee for Calaveras County.

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