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Tourism Issues

One of the revenue streams driven by the tourism industry is the Transit Occupancy Tax normally called the TOT.  This tax is levied on the traveling or visiting tourists when they stay in facilities as temporary lodging. This is a common revenue stream in most cities and counties throughout the nation. This is not a tax imposed on the permanent residents of the county.  Visitors pay this tax as part of their lodging fee when they stay at hotels, motels or vacation facilities for a short period of time. Currently the TOT rate is 6% of the lodging fee.

The surrounding counties and cities throughout California have a TOT rate of a minimum of 10% with most urban and suburban areas exceeding 15 to 18%. A TOT tax is a designated tax for agencies within the county of Calaveras. Currently those agencies are Public Safety, Public Works and the Visitors Bureau.

Starting this year I will be involved with Supervisor Clapp to head a committee to investigate and produce a ballot measure to increase the TOT rate to 10 to 12% for Calaveras County. This will include a designated revenue stream for Public Safety, Fire Districts, Public Works, road infrastructure and the Visitors Bureau. Hopefully this will be in a ballot measure to be voted on by the people of Calaveras County in the2018 June election.    

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