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Public Safety Issues

Providing a safe place for residents to live by supporting law enforcement and fire prevention/protection has been my main goal as a law enforcement officer and as a Supervisor for Calaveras County. During my first term it has been my priority to increase our law enforcement, after being drastically reduced in prior years due to economic budget-cutting. We have made progress by increasing our law enforcement resources and this will continue to be my goal for my next term of office.

Marijuana Issue

Calaveras County has experienced the cultivation of marijuana for the past 30+ years despite laws prohibiting such activity on the federal, state and local levels. Times have changed for Calaveras County. During my first term of office the issue was brought to a local level by state lawmakers who had passed statutes regarding medical marijuana. After suffering the loss of rural countryside in District 4 due to Butte fire, the cultivation of marijuana became a dominating issue in Calaveras County. The Board of Supervisors in 2015, which I was a member of, elected to adopt an emergency ordinance to control what gave the appearance of a land rush to convert these areas to a marijuana cultivation resource.

Tree Mortality Issue

In early 2015 blight was discovered by the dying of fir and pine trees in the rural mountain areas of Central California. Although present in many counties in the mountain regions, 6 counties noticed an extraordinary dying off of the species of trees which was attributed to a bark beetle problem. The bark beetle problem was exacerbated by 5 years of drought causing the trees to lose a portion of their natural defenses for this insect, thus making more trees susceptible to this insect invasion.

General Plan

General plan for Calaveras County has been in the update process for many years. After the expenditure of thousands of dollars for consultant work regarding the general plan update, we had no progress when I took office in January 2015.  Through the efforts of a new planning commission, a general plan draft has been constructed and is due to be presented to the Board of Supervisors by March 2018. This project could have been accomplished at an earlier date but was delayed due to the complex and engaging issue of marijuana cultivation in Calaveras County. I have reviewed the draft of the general plan and agree with the contents.  I look forward to a complete and extensive review by the Board of Supervisors during 2018.

Storm Damage and Infrastructure Issues

In January 2017 Calaveras County experienced severe storm damage by flooding due to a tremendous storm system that came in waves within 10 days of each other.  This event caused 40 major incidents of road and culvert damage along with landslides and other storm related damage. Communities were severely impacted regarding egress and ingress to their homes and businesses.

Youth and Career Issues

Prior to taking office, an age-old problem in our county existed and still exists.  This involves the opportunities for the youth of Calaveras County for further education. With the economic conditions and lack of beneficial commerce, the future for our graduating youth is bleak at best. Those young people that have the opportunity to seek higher education by going away to college will most likely reside in those areas of economic benefit and return to Calaveras County after establishing their careers or retirement.

Tourism Issues

During the past 15 to 20 years, Calaveras County has missed opportunities to improve the economy by not allowing larger based commerce projects to exist. Unfortunately our surrounding counties have taken advantage of these opportunities thereby increasing their economy, population and prosperity. Not having these opportunities in Calaveras County has resulted in tourism being our main revenue generated by District 3. District 3 has noticed an upswing in startup businesses during the last 3 years but unfortunately has seen some of those businesses fail and close for a variety of reasons.

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