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 October 19, 2018

Letter from Calaveras County Supervisor Michael Oliveira District 3

This is Michael Oliveira, and I am running for Re-Election for Supervisor in District 3. Serving as your Supervisor has been a pleasure and I have enjoyed working with so many of you and look forward to the next four years. It is that time again and the mail in ballots are out.  I am asking for your continued support and vote.

There are a lot of postings on the internet going around and campaign smearing. I am not going to participate in this campaign smear. If you have questions or would like answers on any issues. Please call me and ask directly.  209-795-0985
I will list some items I have done.  I hope you will find that they are deserving of your vote.  Merita was your Supervisor for over 20 years, so you can decide for yourself who you would like to continue to serve as your Supervisor. I would like for our District to rise above the campaign smears and run on our achievements. I do not condone the comments that are being thrown around anonymously on two different blog sites. I have read them.  Merita’s campaign committee, nor my campaign committee should be subjected to these comments.  They are not running for office.  To all of you working on campaign’s that have been slandered.  I am sorry you have been subjected to this.  I thank all of you for getting involved in the democratic process that our freedoms have granted us.

Here are some accomplishments and achievements that I have been working on. You can see from the businesses opening and continuing to stay open that we have had some successes in this area.  I did support a new department for Economic Development. This was a campaign commitment accomplishment.

I supported increasing funding for our Employees at the county that have been underfunded for a long time.  The increases will happen over time.  The Employees run our departments and this county and should be recognized for their hard work and efforts.   I watched the Employees bring our County through some tough times.  From Fires, Floods, tree mortality and Yes!  The Cannabis land rush.   I would like to thank all of them for all their efforts and tremendous work they put in for our County every day.

I stayed engaged through the tree mortality crisis.  I attended monthly meetings in Sacramento for the last two years and assisted with securing funding to help us through the crisis.  I held a town hall meeting and brought together Agencies to get as much assistance as possible from, Federal, State and Local and private sectors bringing attention to our County and getting us on the State Emergency declaration.

I have worked with the Unions and other corporations to set up a youth program.  This program will provide internships for our youth starting in their Sophomore years.  Giving them skills to enter the workforce. Our Youth is our future. 

I am a strong supporter of our law enforcement and public safety and will continue to support the efforts of keeping our county safe and all our citizens. I served as resident deputy in D3 and I did that job pro bono, because I care about our community.  I am proud of the fact the Sheriff Department has been able to bring on new Deputies, and Crime is down in District 3 in the last four years. This was a campaign commitment I have kept.

I have worked on the General Plan Update to get our future on track. The EIR has been out for review and Public comments is being worked on now by our Planning Director.  I look forward to the final vote and passage moving our county in a positive direction and keeping industry going.  Protecting our Property rights and land use. This was a campaign commitment that I kept.

These are just some of my accomplishments in the last 3 years.

I would like to thank you for your vote!  I am committed to be the best Supervisor I can for District 3 and Calaveras County.

Thank you for your vote and support!

Supervisor Michael Oliveira!



Welcome to the official website to re-elect Michael C. Oliveira for
District 3 Supervisor of Calaveras County.

At the September 11th Board of Supervisors Budget Review Meeting The County Auditor, Tax Collector, Assessor and County Clerk requested salary increases with a high of 32% of their $100,000+ salaries.

In the Calaveras Enterprise article dated September 11, 2018 

 Elected county department heads ask for substantial salary increases

Here is my response to their request:

Also in opposition, District 3 Supervisor Oliveira said at the meeting, “You are in an elected position. You knew this coming in. We work with the people. There is no way I will support a 32 percent raise, even a 21 percent raise for these four department heads that are all elected officials.”

On September 25th, a final Budget review and vote will take place.  This meeting can be viewed live streamed on the County Website



Wednesday, September 19, 2018 12:00 AM

Supervisors vote to change rules and procedures

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